Keeps  you in harmony when shifting into a new way of being. It purifies and deflects the energies caused by outer chaotic events from attaching to your personal field. Gives new  insights so that positive  uplifting insights can emerge. Energies that do not serve the soul can no longer invade your personal field. It does wonders when the people you are helping cling to you for support or “dump” their issues on you.  It lifts you up so your  remain filled with positive  light.  Stay centered and level headed without getting depleted by the dramas  in full swing on a world wide scale.

Boneset, Catnip, Geranium, Golden Yarrow, Iris, Ti Flower, White Peony. Essential oils: Amber, Jasmine and Lotus.  

USE THIS VIBRATION to remain  calm and centered during chaotic times or when there is much upheaval around you.

All Space Enhancing Sprays are packaged in 2-Oz glass cobalt blue bottles with a mister spray top. Combining flower essences with cold pressed essential oils from Egypt make these vibrational balancing sprays for our new times  a rare combination of the purest form available.

Shake all blends before use. Do not ingest. Consciously set your intentions for maximum benefits. A space clearing ritual where you intend to invoke a peaceful environment is encouraged. Spray 2 or 3 times for maximum benefit.


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