Treasures of the Earth

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Unconditional Self Love
Emotional Healing

Our necklaces are made of Gold-filled beads supplemented by Gemstones, also known as Crystal Healing Stones or Semi-precious Stoned.

Gold-filled is a great alternative to solid gold. This process, coming from the United States, consists of the application of a strong solid gold layer on a base metal with heat and pressure.

Gold-filled is not to be confused with Gold-plated as there is 50 to 100 times more gold in a Gold-filled product than a Gold-plated one. (Gold-filled is legally required to contain 5% solid gold by weight). Gold-filled is much more valuable and durable than Gold-plated. It is water-resistant, Does not flake, fade nor change color. Anyone who can wear Gold can wear Gold-filled without and risk of allergy.

Choose your favorite Gemstone by their healing benefits and properties, meaning or by your Birth month.

Made by Treasures of the Earth.


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