When old beliefs and patterns break apart ‘I am Love’ puts the old mind constructed programming aside. It creates room for the heart space to open so your unique blue print can shine. The reflection of this energy shows you the love for yourself in connection to all that is. Love is reflected back to you within your relationships and in all you do.

Temple of Philea, passion fruit, buttercup,wool flower, wisteria, wedelia. Essential oils: Rose, Bergamot, Angelica and Basil. 

USE THIS VIBRATION  to emphasize the value of your feminine nature.

All Space Enhancing Sprays are packaged in 2-Oz glass cobalt blue bottles with a mister spray top. Combining flower essences with cold pressed essential oils from Egypt make these vibrational balancing sprays for our new times  a rare combination of the purest form available.

Shake all blends before use. Do not ingest. Consciously set your intentions for maximum benefits. A space clearing ritual where you intend to invoke a peaceful environment is encouraged. Spray 2 or 3 times for maximum benefit.


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